The ampoules are already waiting:

in a nice box, with a tie on top, a very special card and ready to go.

Give your friend a truly sweet and healthy surprise!
Send him a good box of your very own Ampsticks:). We’ll put them in a nice box and tie them up with a nice ribbon to make a nice gift. We also include a personalised card, an example of which is attached.

Shipping is a breeze:
1. choose at least 10 pcs. for your/friend in the online shop and add the postage (30pcs. and more without postage). Pay it forwardwith.
2. Indicate on the card the appropriate options (tick the boxes) that we will fill in and include in the package. This information would be good to include in the Notes on the order or send to
3. Don’t forget to add the most convenient PO Box or address for your friend and their tel. the number from which he/she can obtain information on the receipt of the shipment.
4. If we have this information by 14:00 on Monday, we can have the gift to a friend by Tuesday.
5. If you have any questions, please call 5205074.

Happy Valentine’s Day!