Flowers always work, of course, but they are not always edible:)
Men of gold, do something completely new this time: get your sweetheart or even a good female colleague something sweet but healthy. We’ll make your e-shop order a special gift and include a cool card.

Placing an order is easy:
1. choose the right Amplifiers in the online shop Pay by bank transfer.
2. Indicate on the card the appropriate options (tick the boxes) that we will fill in and include in the package. This information would be good to include in the Notes on the order or send to
The colours of the card are bright: yellow, red or blue.
3. Don’t forget to add the most convenient PO Box or address for your friend and their tel. the number from which he/she can obtain information on the receipt of the shipment.
4. If this information reaches us by 14:00 on Tuesday, we will be able to send the gift to a friend by Wednesday 08.03.
5. If you have any questions, please call 5205074.
Happy Women’s Day!